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У истока любой проблемы стоит образование. Профессиональные, мотивированные и настойчивые сотрудники залог успеха бизнеса. САС создает для вас программы повышения квалификации кадров с учетом сильных и слабых сторон персонала.
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Уникальное предложение САС - эксклюзивная работа с клиентом, диагностика знаний и навыков перед составлением тренинг программы, персонализированные тренинги для каждой организации, лучшие эксперты в роли консультантов, работа с “корневыми” проблемами организации.
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Ramin Karayev
I know Mamed since 2001 while we worked at ATI and he is the best coach I know in the market now. Mamed was also my supplier of choice for all Microsoft office trainings when I was managing IT for one of the Oil/Gas company in Baku. I have received very good feedbacks about his trainings from my internal customers. He is very inovation oriented person and always adds something new to his coaching strategy. I would highly recommend Mamed to anyone who is seeking quality Computer trainings ,presentatins skills. UPEC training project, 400 attendees.

Ramin Karayev

Digital Transformation |Cloud| Enterprise & Solution Architecture|Strategy
Farid Ismayilzadeh
Mamed and I have been knowning each other since October 2006 when we started our office in Baku. Mamed manages relationship of Microsoft with its partners and I can tell that, he is one of few professional lads I have ever worked in Azerbaijan. He was always available and SilverKey Azerbaijan has always felt support of Mamed. He is also very ambitious and a type of guy who does what he said. I am looking forward to more closely with him in coming years. Silverkey Partnership Development Project

Farid Ismayilzadeh

Entrepreneur and Business Owner
Emil Hasanov
Mamed has done a great job in organizing training session forsome ~1500 people at BP during the course of 6 month.Professional attitude, focus on delivery and excellent personalskills are what makes it great to work with him. BP Passport Training Project, 1600 attendees, 2 countries, 5 languages, 11 locations.

Emil Hasanov

Internet Entrepreneur
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