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About Us

Today, Azerbaijan market lives dynamic growths. Azerbaijan companies faces a great challenge to have personnel that behaves, performs, thinks and acts in a spirit of the organization.

Everyone dreams for professional assistants, experienced managers, and talent sellers teams – we are helping our clients to build highly professional, motivated and effective teams around them.

CAC Center founded in 2008. CAC is training, assessment and consulting center that offers to its clients customized training solutions based on client’s real needs.

Under real needs we mean the scope of training needs to be applied in client’s office to increase client’s personnel capabilities by improving business skills in various directions from soft/interpersonal skills to computer literacy.

Under customized training solutions we mean know-how in training content development, before class and after class assessments, pre-training interviews and after training consultancy. We mean localized training content, individual coaching, proved trainer names, huge successful training projects expertise behind, client's specifics sensitive approach, and much more.

All methodologies mentioned above had been successfully implemented on Azerbaijan market since 1997.

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