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Description – The world of business is increasingly becoming centered about the interaction of different teams, both within and outside the organization. The success of a team within a company is often directly linked to the ability of a manager to lead and manage the team effectively. In order to perform the job well, the manager must understand the different roles of everyone involved in the team, and be trained in developing the capabilities of all team members and addressing issues as soon as they surface. This course will help you gain an understanding of the basic fundamentals of becoming an effective manager for your team.

Objectives – You will explore the fundamental concepts of effective management. Target Audience – Business professionals who are either at the managerial level, or are

interested in becoming team leaders.

Prerequisites – There are no prerequisite skills for this course; however, you might be interested in the following related courses: Problem-Solving Skills, Negotiating Skills, Business Presentations, Advanced Communication Skills, and Creating and Maintaining a Life Balance.

Delivery Method – Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.


Lesson 1: Developing as a Manager

  • The Role of an Effective Manager
  • Personal Skills Development

Lesson 2: Communicating Successfully

  • Speak Without Talking
  • Manage Better By Listening
  • Assert to Achieve

Lesson 3: Creating Successful Solutions

  • Identify the Core Problem
  • Solve Problems Creatively
  • Implement Solutions Decisively

Lesson 4: Empowering Your Workgroup

  • Delegate For Results
  • Coach for Achievement
  • Evaluate Staff Performance

Lesson 5: Cultivating Great Teams

  • Create an Invincible Team
  • Inspire Team Success
  • Team Briefings for Success
  • Resolve Conflicts Positively


  • Appendix A: Project Roles
  • Appendix B: Updated Team
  • Appendix C: Delegating for Results—Task List
  • Appendix D: Email Conflict

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