Mamed Orujov usually maintains a competent and professional demeanor in dealing with clients and the public. He is always courteous and knowledgeable.
<a,ed strives and tries to be helpful at every instance to all customers. He responds and answers all questions promptly and accurately, moreover with a level of knowledge and explicitly that most of us expect. His support is outstanding. In one of the recent project a minor but the quickest support by Mamed resolved the problem within seconds, the positive impact was on overall delivery of the task. It such a rare thing to expect this scale and competent and most importantly honest help in our time. Mamed when describing the problem absorbs the problem one have to find the best bypass or get into the problem (instead of you) to solve it, (can you imagine that process over the mobile call?! (!) – not just kicking off with a dry advice. He is the the single, highly recommended Microsoft professional I met in the region in recent 20 years. Long live The Teacher!